The Power of Experience


Houston Karate Academy has been serving greater Houston for 32 years. Our Martial Arts program is dedicated to helping others develop confidence through self-defense skills. Our modern teaching techniques focus on the nature and structure of conflicts and how we can resolve them peacefully. Safety is always our greatest concern; we have a genuine interest in our student's progress and development.

First Step on the Path to Black

  • One free private martial arts lesson
  • A complimentary uniform
  • Individualized performance assessment
  • No contracts

Why Choose Houston Karate Academy?

Since 1985, Houston Karate Academy has inspired people of all ages to grow in honor, discipline, and integrity.   We are a family karate school that believes that people of all ages and body styles can be challenged to reach their full potential. We are a mixed martial arts school and all instructors are trained and ranked in their disciplines.